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We offer Remote: Mentoring, Auditing and Consultancy Services Internationally and/or On-site UK, options - call us to find out more.

Our Experienced ISO Consultants work with you and will maintian continuity by ensuring the same consultants throughout your audit cycles. IRCA Lead Auditors available when you need the expertise.
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The latest version of ISO9001:2015 marked a change of focus for many supply chain businesses away from Quality Manager to a more Director led performance management style. This has seen the focus shift away from the Quality Manager role to the Directors taking greater responsibility and becoming more involved with the Quality Management System. In fact, the absence of a Director/ Senior Management team at the Audit could potentially be recorded as a non-conformance.
Outsourcing an experienced Quality Managers allows you to fill this role without the overheads and to suit your schedule and budget.
We operate remotely or on site!

We specialise in:
Medical Devices ISO13485 and
Laboratory Testing and Calibration ISO17025

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Independent Quality Management Outsourcing - iQMO
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We are a small specialist consultancy, where reliable continuity of service and a personal, friendly and flexible approach, offering knowledgeable advice and support are our overarching goals.

Our experienced Quality Managers, ISO Consultants and IRCA Approved Lead Auditors are available Nationwide and offer a dedicated service to Supply Chain Businesses by maintaining and delivering value based, Outsourced Quality Management. We also offer ISO Implementation Consultancy, ISO Internal Auditing and UKAS or Independent ISO Certification: support, advice and guidance and where necessary assist with Management Reviews and overall Quality Management requirements. Call us now to arrange for a no obligation Quote.
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We operate remotely or on site!
View our guide to ISO Implementation Consultation to help prepare you for successful ISO Certification of most popular ISO Standards. Specialising in: ISO 27001 Cyber Security, ISO 13485 Medical Devices and ISO17025 Testing and Calibration and where required International Regulatory Advice
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Quality Management

Whatever size business you are, outsource your QM to us and save money.

Internal Auditing

Avoid employee disputes, outsource your ISO Internal Auditing to us and save money.

Increase Efficiency

Our experienced Quality Managers will help you maintain and improve best practice.

We work with you

To create a bespoke model to suit your business needs and importantly...your budget.

"Micro and SME businesses can struggle with in-house resources to implement full Quality Management integrity and independent Internal Auditing; often lacking the necessary expertise and missing out on significant business benefits. Our team of experienced Quality Managers can fulfil your needs, as required by you to outsource this critical role.

We will work with you to identify the most cost effective and efficient solution to meet your requirements and thereafter maintain them to the highest standards."

iQMO offers you peace of mind

The pressure on micro and SME businesses to achieve and maintain continuous Quality Management and ISO Internal Auditing integrity has never been greater. For a cost effective single monthly or annual fee, we can offer you peace of mind across the board. Call us now to find out how we can help your business with:

Cost effective solutions

We will work with you to identify the most financially suitable Quality Management solution for your needs and help you save money and manage your resources more effectively.

Management meetings

Attend management meetings and carry out ongoing discussions with the directors and or senior management requirements and future needs.

Manage audit schedules

We will work with you and your team to ensure that we manage the internal and external audit schedules to avoid any nasty surprises and extra costs. .

ISO Quality Standards

For supply chain businesses your ability to achieve successful ISO Certification is key to your business growth potential and competitive advantage.

ISO Internal Auditing

We can help to either: plan and carry out your ISO internal audits or train and support your internal auditors to achieve a timely and successful audit.

Business Continuity

Provide support and direction to implement where required a business continuity plan and support your team in other QM roles and requirements.

We are pleased to offer a free initial assessment of your Quality Management and/or Internal Auditing requirements.

ISO Standards we can assist with

ISO International Standards have long been established as the de-facto quality marque for any supply chain business hoping to achieve approved supplier status. We can help you implement a wide range of ISO standards and gain UKAS Accredited Certification.
If you need ISO Certification Click Here to see our guide
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Quality Management System


Health and Safety Management System


Environmental Management Systems


Information Security Management System

ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Laboratory Competence and Calibration

ISO 13485:2016

Medical Devices Quality Management System

ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018

Information Technology — Service Management

ISO 22716:2007

Cosmetic GMP

Cyber Threat Risk Analysis Software Service

Cutting edge software which will analyse your Cyber Threat Risk and that of your suppliers/partners.
No questionnaires just hard IT evidence presented in a simple qualitative format.
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UKAS Certification Bodies

Here are just a few of the ISO UKAS Certification Bodies we work with. We can also advise on Independent and non-UKAS Accredited Certification. Call us now.