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A team of highly experienced Quality Managers and Auditors .

With a combined experience of 879 years we are confident that we can meet your needs and hopefully exceed them. many of us have spent most of our careers within Auditing or QM roles in a variety of Supply Chain and Manufacturing businesses. In some cases we have chosen early retirement but still have the energy to work with our clients to make a difference, otherwise we have found ourselves looking for pastures greener as the style and need for the QM role has changed and for us the flexible working and variety of businesses we work in have been the right choice as free-lance outsourced consultants. Call us now to arrange an initial asessment meeting.

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IQMO the first choice in cost-effective Quality Management Outsourcing solutions for supply chain businesses.

The latest version of ISO9001 in 2015 marked a change of focus for many supply chain businesses away from Quality Manager led to a more Director led performance management style. This has seen the focus shift away from the Quality Manager role to the Directors taking responsibility and becoming more involved with Quality Management. In fact, the absence of a Director/ Senior Management team at the Audit could potentially be recorded as a non-conformance.
The QMS have become streamlined and more integrated into the general business activities and processes, negating the hands-on approach required before. The focus has moved to an annualised review as required by the all-important Annual Audit carried out by the relevant Certificating Body.

In the increasing absence of a Quality Manager the Internal Auditing role has in many cases been subsumed through training into general business activity within the business workforce often placing excess workloads on individuals and the awkwardness of having to ‘audit’ a colleague’s work. From our experience this has caused more issues than it has solved.
Furthermore many smaller businesses miss out on the benefit of having a dedicated Quality Manager to manage the QMS and ancillary support and coordination activities.

Thus IQMO is ideally placed to fill this gap as a low-cost outsourced service which can be utilised on an ad-hoc or more formal monthly basis. We work with you to create the best solution for your business.
Call us now - to find out how we can implement this Cost-effective solution for you. We look forward to being of service to you.